Process Server Badge: Should You Wear One?

“Should I wear a process server badge when I’m out making my serves?” I get this question all the time, both from new process servers and people just curious about how the process server business works. The answer isn’t simple. A badge can be inflammatory; it raises … read more →

How to Become a Process Server in Minnesota

Minnesota has no licensing or registration requirement, and any person 18 years of age or older may become a process server in Minnesota. If you want to start a business, you’ll only need to meet local small business requirements and can move right into finding your first … read more →

How to Become a Process Server in Massachusetts

With a unique history and legal system dating back to the original thirteen colonies, becoming a process server in Massachusetts is not as simple as hanging out your single or passing an exam. Service of process in Massachusetts is handled by constables appointed by each county. It … read more →

Starting a Process Server Company

You like the idea of working for yourself, but you’re not sure about starting a process server company. Or maybe you’re looking for some tips to get you going. There’s good news, starting a process server company isn’t hard. Yes, it takes work (like anything worth pursuing). … read more →

Process Serving Tips from the Field

Lately I’ve been writing a lot about the business side of being a process server. Let’s change gears and take a look at some process serving tips from the field. It all starts with a tough serve: I park a couple houses down on a residential street. … read more →

Process Server Business Plan

Okay, so you’re ready to become a process server and start your own business. Now you need a process server business plan, right? Maybe. Business plans are used to attract investors, create a consistent message from leadership, and to guide a company toward long-term goals. If you’re … read more →

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