Process Server Badge: Should You Wear One?

2 Min. Read / Updated on March 5th, 2021

“Should I wear a process server badge when I’m out making my serves?”

I get this question all the time, both from new process servers and people just curious about how the process server business works.

The answer isn’t simple.

A badge can be inflammatory; it raises people’s suspicions and, in some cases, can make it difficult to get close to your serve.

Other times, mostly corporate settings, it clears the way. The security officer in the lobby of the office building knows exactly what a process server is and will recognize you instantly by your badge.

When Should I Wear a Process Server Badge?

It’s a matter of setting and circumstance. But ultimately, the choice is yours.

I like wearing my process server badge on a chain around my neck. It’s there when I want it but can easily be hidden away beneath my shirt.

In either case, I recommend a badge design that differs significantly from the local law enforcement agency. It’s important to maintain a clear distinction between our role as process servers and the police. Impersonating a law enforcement officer is a criminal offense, and besides, wearing a flashy badge into a bad neighborhood is a risk you don’t want to take.

It’s also worth noting that some jurisdictions restrict the badges that can be worn by process servers (for example, badges are prohibited in Texas).

Be sure to check the legal requirements in your area.

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