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Okay, you’re ready to start your own business. Now you need a process server business plan, right?


Business plans are used to attract investors, create a consistent message from leadership, and to guide a company toward long-term goals.

If you’re like a lot of new process servers—running things part-time from a corner of your living room—worrying about a process server business plan is one more hassle, one more thing to slow you down and get in the way.

Without clients, you’ve got nothing. So rather than think about a business plan, think about finding your first few clients.

Do you want to cold call law firms? Drive around town and pass out marketing letters? Build a process server website?

You decide. Pick the approach that best suits you and focus all of your energy there until you have a client. Then do it again.

And if you think you need a lot of flashy gear or badges or an army of professional office equipment before you can get clients, you’re wrong.

All you need is a cell phone and some business cards.

But if you absolutely, positively insist on having a process server business plan, I’ll give you mine as an example:

A Process Server Business Plan so Simple Even I Couldn’t Screw It Up

Are you ready for this?

  • Step One: Get Legal – Check if you need a process server license and if so, make a list of the steps you need to follow (in my state, Colorado, no license is required).
  • Step Two: Get Ready – This is as simple as getting a local office number from Google Voice (it’s free) and forwarding it to your cell phone. Oh, and you’ll want a good email address (fax machines are dying once and for all). Lastly, order some creative business cards (I like Moo).
  • Step Three: Spread the Word – Pass those business cards out to everyone you know, and put together a process server marketing letter. For 24/7 exposure, build a website.
  • Step Four: Serve and Repeat

Follow those steps and grow your business until you’re so busy you need help—then you can worry about a process server business plan.

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