Starting a Process Server Company

2 Min. Read / Updated on March 5th, 2021

You like the idea of working for yourself, but you’re not sure about starting a process server company. Or maybe you’re looking for some tips to get you going. There’s good news, starting a process server company isn’t hard.

Yes, it takes work (like anything worth pursuing).

But you won’t need a lot of start-up money and it’s something you can do part-time. Make the transition to full-time as your business grows.

Starting a process server company on a shoestring budget

Most people think they can’t start their own company because it takes too much money. In most cases, like opening a restaurant or retail store, they’re right. It does take a lot of money.

But not a home-based process server company. In fact, I’m straight-up telling you not to spend a lot on your business until you have at least three good clients.

What you won’t need:

  • Office
  • Employees
  • Expensive equipment

What you will need:


  • Process server marketing letter
  • A business website
  • An office phone line you can forward to your cell phone (this can be as simple as a free Google Voice account or a dedicated line from the phone company)
  • A fax-to-email service like eFax

A cheap scanner also comes in handy for e-filing. But remember, you can always go to a local copy shop to use scanners, copiers, etc.

The idea is to stay flexible, run your business on the road from your smartphone, and avoid any unnecessary expenses until you’re turning a profit.

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