How to Become a Process Server in Georgia

In order to become a process server in Georgia you’ll need to pass an exam established by the Administrative Office of the Courts of Georgia. You’ll also need to post a $25,000 bond, which can be purchased from any reputable, licensed insurance broker. To help you prepare … read more →

Process Server Jobs Aren’t Worth Your Time

You’ve probably seen a newspaper (or Craigslist) ad for process server jobs that looked something like this: Process Server Jobs Hiring now! Must have reliable car and iPhone or Android cell phone with unlimited data. $20 fee for background check and four-hour orientation class. Make $12-$15 per serve. … read more →

How Much Money Do Process Servers Make?

Got this question from Daniel: How much money do process servers make? It’s the first question people have when they think about getting into the business. So really, how much money do process servers make? According to, Denver process servers with one year of experience have … read more →

How to Become a Process Server in Connecticut

While a license is not required to become a process server in Connecticut, the private process server industry is extremely limited and most serves are made by a sheriff’s deputy. For more information, take a look at the Connecticut Rules of Civil Procedure: Sec. 52-50. Persons to … read more →

How to Become a Process Server in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania doesn’t license or regulate private process servers, and you won’t have to jump through too many hoops to become a process server in Pennsylvania. In addition to the sheriff, original process may be also be served by a competent adult in the following actions: equity, partition, … read more →

Process Server Marketing Letter

The fastest, cheapest, and most direct way to get your first client is to introduce yourself directly to law firms with a process server marketing letter. Law firms are the bread and butter of our business. A small firm might only need you here and there, but … read more →

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