Why You Need a Website for Your Process Server Business

2 Min. Read / Updated on February 26th, 2021

If you’ve been following along for a while, then you know I recommend every process server build a website to promote their business:

  1. A professional website boosts your credibility.
  2. It’s up and running 24/7, even when you take a day off.
  3. And it’s cheap, especially in comparison to other marketing strategies.

Now more than ever, clients turn to the Internet when they search for a process server.

Will they find you or the competition?

You Don’t Need a Designer

In the not-too-distant past you had to wrangle with a lot of code and configuration or pay an expensive designer.

That’s no longer the case, and it’s never been easier for even a non-technical personal to build a professional website.

While there are a lot of great platforms available, I recommend going straight to Site123 and getting started with their free plan.

There are a few things I like specifically about Site123:

  1. The designs look awesome.
  2. Answer three quick questions about what kind of site you want and in less than 30 seconds your website is up and running.
  3. Everything is drag and drop from a simple dashboard. Want to display a photo? Just drag it into place. Same for headlines, icons, contact forms, maps, and client testimonials. Oh, and the layout, colors, and fonts are all selected with a couple of clicks.
  4. Add a custom domain name and email address for a more professional appearance. No more Gmail or Yahoo.
  5. Finally, you can build a fully functional website on the free plan and upgrade only when you’re happy with the design.

Professional Tip: Build your website before you order business cards or print marketing letters so you can feature your website’s address on your marketing materials.

Get Listed on Google Business

Once you’ve made a website, list it on Google Business and get found when people search the web or on mobile apps like Google Maps.

It’s easy to get listed—all you need is a free Google account to create your business profile:


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