What Better Call Saul Taught Me About Serving Process

2 Min. Read / Updated on February 25th, 2021

One of my favorite shows in production right now has to be Better Call Saul. The Breaking Bad prequel is less violent than the original source of inspiration, but is much more gritty and honest.

The show’s lead, Jimmy McGill, is anything but a role-model.

Flashbacks take us from his con artist past to his attempt at an honest life, all the while building a long, slow-burn to Jimmy finding his personal truth:

He was always a con artist.

It was his gift.

And he was much better at it than leading an ordinary life.

Now, I’m not suggesting process servers should be con artists.

Professional ethics and sewer service are a big deal in our industry, and you should never break the rules when making your serves.

But watching Jimmy navigate from one sticky situation to another taught me a few things about serving process I’d like to share with you:

Always Be Selling

Jimmy is always selling. Whether he’s hustling will-preparation to seniors or selling burner phones in a parking lot, Jimmy knows how to make cash.

Process servers aren’t salespeople. But if you want to start a process server business and find your own clients, then you need to hustle like Jimmy.

Finding your first few clients is the hardest part. Do a good job and they’ll give you referrals and repeat business.

Think Outside the Box

When you look past all the scheming and scamming, Jimmy’s ability to think outside the box is truly impressive.

Process servers can learn a thing or two from his creativity. Like Jimmy, we’re under-gunned, usually operating alone, and sometimes face hostile people in our work.

But rather than fight fist to fist, Jimmy finds a way to slide under or over his adversaries with rarely a scratch (okay, a few scratches).

And when it comes to business, he’s not afraid to take risks and try new things in the pursuit of clients.

Heck, sometimes his crazy ideas actually work.

Work Ethic Matters

Sure, he’s a con artist turned dirty lawyer, but Jimmy’s work ethic is without compromise.

I’ve never seen someone work harder to get what they want, and Jimmy won’t hesitate to get his hands dirty or work insane hours before seeing results.

Speaking of getting your hands dirty, have you made a website for your business yet?

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