How to Become a Process Server in Washington State

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While a license isn’t required to become a process server in Washington state, you’ll need to register with the county auditor.

Process server registration is $10 a year and there are no educational or testing requirements.

Once registration is complete, you can move on to starting your own business and finding your first few process server clients.

Washington State Resources

For your convenience, here are direct links to the five most populous counties (if your county isn’t listed, a quick Google search will turn it up):

  1. King County
  2. Pierce County
  3. Snohomish County
  4. Spokane County
  5. Clark County

For the current, officially-posted Rules of Civil Procedure, see the Washington Courts.

Another helpful resource for becoming a process server in Washington is the Washington State Process Servers Association.

Free Legal Forms for Washington Process Servers

Download free legal forms for process servers from the Washington Courts.

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