How to Become a Process Server in New York

New York, a state known for regulation, likes to complicate things for people who want to become a process server.

While there’s no statewide licensing requirement, local jurisdictions are free to enact more restrictive standards for process servers.

New York City has the following requirements:

  1. Individual process servers must execute a $10,000 surety bond (this can be purchased from a licensed insurance broker for $200-$300).
  2. Process servers must pass an exam to demonstrate knowledge of the rules and regulations for service of process.
  3. Process servers are required to keep electronic records for each serve, including a GPS location time-stamp (there are several apps for iPhone and Android that make this requirement simple to meet).
  4. Service is not permitted on Sundays, or on Saturdays for individuals who observe Saturdays as a holy day.

For a complete breakdown of the requirements to become a process server in New York City, see the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs process server industry page.

They also publish educational material for process servers (not officially a study guide for the exam but it’s a good resource to help you prepare). Download it here.

For more information about service of process in New York state, check the website of the New York State Unified Court System.

Another good resource is the New York State Professional Process Servers Association.