What Mad Men Can Teach You About Becoming a Process Server

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Have you seen the show Mad Men?

I love it.

The deeply insightful and well-paced writing, accurate portrayal of 1960’s culture, and razor-sharp character development all led to one of the best television shows to grace the screen.

And if you watch closely, you can even learn a few things about how to become a process server.

Take Don Draper, the ultra-masculine ad man, for example.

He’s always cool, always poised, and never lets them see him sweat.

Even after a night of heavy drinking or a few days of missed work, he’ll walk right into a meeting with an important client and nail the presentation. In fact, some of his best ideas were born under last-minute pressure.

A good process server should be like Don. Both when meeting with potential clients and when you’re out making serves.

Even if you’re sweating bullets, you never let the client catch on. Never.

And at the end of the series, when everything has fallen into disarray, we see Don in California, meditating by the ocean, with a smile spreading across his face.

Don’s picked up the pieces and started over before. He’s resourceful. He knows he’ll always find a way, even when the odds are stacked against him.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, check it out.

It’s well-worth watching, and you may even learn a few things.

About the Author: Richard Young started a successful process server business from his home office and has blogged about the industry since 2012. His latest book, Process Server 101: How to Become a Process Server, is available now on Amazon.