During my year in California I learned a few things. One of them is that California, unlike my home state of Colorado, likes to regulate stuff. The process server industry is no different, and California process servers are required to be registered. So let’s take a quick look at how to be a process server in California:

  • California process servers are required to register in the county where they will primarily work. Registration is valid statewide.
  • Before you can register, you have to pass a background check (not all convictions are disqualifying). Forms are available from your county.
  • You need to post a $2,000 bond or cash deposit. This might sound like a lot, but a two-year California process server bond can be bought online for about $50 a year.
  • Finally, you’ll have to submit a complete application and pay a fee (in San Francisco, $126 as of January 1, 2015).

Yeah, it’s gonna take a little time and work to get it done, but the upside is that having a professional registration establishes your credibility with attorneys and other prospective clients.

In the meantime, start building your website and prepare to hit the ground running when your registration is approved.

How to Become a California Process Server by Specific County

For your convenience, I’m including a few links to populous counties in California:

If you don’t see your county on the list, do a quick Google search for California process server registration in your county and it’ll come up.

For more information, visit the California Association of Legal Support Professionals.