How to Become a Process Server in Kentucky

3 Min. Read / Updated on March 3rd, 2021

A license or formal registration is not required to become a process server in Kentucky.

Any individual eighteen years of age or older may serve civil process, so you can look for a job or start a process server business without jumping through any government hoops.

Take a look at the Kentucky Rules of Civil Procedure:

Rule 4. Process.

Rule 4.01. Summons – Issuance – By whom served.

  • Upon the filing of the complaint (or other initiating document) the clerk shall forthwith issue the required summons and, at the direction of the initiating party, either:
    • Place a copy of the summons and complaint (or other initiating document) to be served in an envelope, address the envelope to the person to be served at the address set forth in the caption or at the address set forth in written instructions furnished by the initiating party, affix adequate postage, and place the sealed envelope in the United States mail as registered mail or certified mail return receipt requested with instructions to the delivering postal employee to deliver to the addressee only and show the address where delivered and the date of delivery. The clerk shall forthwith enter the facts of mailing on the docket and make a similar entry when the return receipt is received by him or her. If the envelope is returned with an endorsement showing failure of delivery, the clerk shall enter that fact on the docket. The clerk shall file the return receipt or returned envelope in the record. Service by registered mail or certified mail is complete only upon delivery of the envelope. The return receipt shall be proof of the time, place and manner of service. To the extent that the United States postal regulations permit authorized representatives of local, state, or federal governmental offices to accept and sign for “addressee only” mail, signature by such authorized representative shall constitute service on the officer. All postage shall be advanced by the initiating party and be recoverable as costs; or
    • Cause the summons and complaint (or other initiating document), with necessary copies, to be transferred for service to any person authorized, other than by paragraph (1) of this Rule, to deliver them, who shall serve the summons and accompanying documents, and his return endorsed thereon shall be proof of the time and manner of service.
  • A summons may be issued for service in any county, against any person to be served, and separate or additional summons may be issued against any person to be served at the request of the initiating party.

Unlike most states, private process servers in Kentucky may also serve subpoenas.

Kentucky Legal Forms for Process Servers

Download free Kentucky Legal forms from the Commonwealth of Kentucky Court of Justice.

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