Can a Process Server Wear a Badge?

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About half the messages I get are from people asking, “Can a process server wear a badge?”

And the answer is simple. In most cases, yes, a process server can wear a badge.

As long as you’re not impersonating a law enforcement officer, and there’s no local law restricting the use of badges, process servers can and often do wear badges.

In fact, I have a personalized badge that I’ve worn while making serves.

But it’s important to consider the context.

Think about it like this:

Imagine you’re a defendant trying to avoid service. If you see someone wearing a badge walking up to the front door, would you answer it?

Of course not.

And sometimes process servers who insist on wearing a badge make things a lot harder for themselves.

It’s much easier to approach the defendant without a badge, authority demeanor, or any of the usual telltale signs of law enforcement.

That’s why I’m most successful making serves in jeans and a t-shirt. Sometimes I even wear shorts. But I always avoid setting off those red flags.

In the wrong neighborhood a process server wearing a badge can bring a lot of unwanted and negative attention, or the neighbors could even alert the defendant of your approach.

When Should a Process Server Wear a Badge?

That said, there are certainly times when wearing a badge can make things easier, like when serving process in a corporate or government office building.

And in the event a situation escalates and law enforcement respond to the scene, a badge can help identify your position.

I wear mine under my shirt on a chain with a leather badge holder.

It’s ready when I need it, hidden when I don’t.

About the Author: Richard Young started a successful process server business from his home office and has blogged about the industry since 2012. His latest book, Process Server 101: How to Become a Process Server, is available now on Amazon.

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    • Hey, Arrax!

      Looks like we’re from the same state. You don’t need a process server license in Colorado and there’s no specific law regarding badges.

      However, Denver and a few other municipalities restrict the wearing of badges similar to those worn by the police department. It’s best to choose a distinct shape and design to avoid being mistaken as a police officer.

      Hope this helps!

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