Process Server Marketing in Three Steps

Process server marketing, getting the word out about your business, isn’t something most people are talking about. It’s a lot easier to write about laws, the latest process server app for iPhone, or changes to the industry.

But as I’ve said again and again, without clients, your business is dead. So who cares about the latest iPhone app?

Step one: word of mouth

Step one is simple. Order some business cards from whoever you like (I like Moo) and pass one out to everyone you know.

This is how I got my first client, a former co-worker who filed for divorce. Ten cents for a business card turned into a $50 fee and half a dozen referrals.

The point is that you never know who might need a process server. Word of mouth won’t bring a flood of business—unless you know a lot of attorneys—but it’s a low-cost, low-risk way to get started.

Step two: pound the pavement

Process server marketing is like any other business: The more you’re out there pounding the pavement, the more clients you’re going to get. Doing nothing and waiting for the phone to ring just won’t work.

Put together a short process server marketing letter detailing your unique strengths. Include your rates and attach a business card.

Hand these out to law firms in your area and personally introduce yourself to the office staff (it’s usually a secretary or para-legal who arranges the process serving).

Step three: process server marketing with a website

If you’re anything like me, the thought of going door-to-door makes you cringe. That’s why one of the first things I did was make a process server website for my business.

Your website doesn’t have to be fancy. In fact, some of the best websites are simple (like this one).

Thanks to free software like WordPress it’s never been easier to make a website for your process server business.